My Love

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High above green canopies, your streamline form half
draped in blue embraced the gleaming sky.
With graceful strokes you brushed anew and painted
shades of gold and blue.
Your raucous call resonated all around and blended
with a world so full of life
Then shadows came and darkness fell.

You were robbed my sweet love
of the joy you once knew,
stolen and shackled
Leaving memories that faded with time
Undoubtedly lost forever.

Oh, my love, my Blue & Gold

Your years in captivity have not been kind
It can't be anything else for those who were born to be
free, like you my love.
They grew tired of your beauty and your natural ways
They held you under lock and key and chained you to
a stand for many years, all of nineteen.

Then by the grace of God you came to me: two souls
reunited - destination complete!
Two lives have merged and mingled into one
Oh, sweet memories thou shall have once more
Though the essence of your spirit lives high above
green canopies.

Oh, my love, my Blue & Gold

All those years thou have suffered - let me wipe away your tears and erase your painful memories.

Julie Hamilton