One Last Headrub

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Dave Fox

When you were young you flew wild and free
Then you were downed, then you met me.
I hoped to be around when you needed me most
That would have made me your ideal host.
To love you my friend I was duty bound
We had each other, we’d both been found.
Who owned whom I will never know.
If the truth be told I just loved you so.
I had hoped forever to learn your ways
Unknowing your life was restricted to days.
All the love you gave I would gladly receive
You’re at peace right now, that I believe.
It was the only way for you to cut out the pain.
Close your eyes, go to sleep, you’re flying again.
I had no idea losing you would cut like a knife

But unlike you I didn’t know it was the end of my life.
Now heaven is calling I know you must fly
I can see in your eyes you’re not scared to die.
It’ll be me you wait for at the pearly gate
You’d say "Come on, hurry up, don’t make me wait."
I’m sure you would stand at the entrance alone
While lesser friends would rush the throne.
Your death as it was I should not resent
Knowing as I do, you were heaven sent.
You’re back up there where the flock now sings
My angel has come to collect his new wings.
You fought for your life as it passed you by
Now you’re at peace, and it’s my turn to cry.
Every challenge in life you tried not to snub
You even held in there for that One Last Headrub

We love you Oscar