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This beautiful, magnificent and playful spirit came into our lives at the tender age of three years old
He brought with him love, humour and happiness
We gave him our deep affection and unconditional love and care
A devoted partner to Zahrah, another beloved macaw, enriched his earthly life
He came for such a short time, as little as thirteen and one half years
And when his hour of time came to leave his earthly existence, he fell seriously ill


Given tender loving care of physical and spiritual nursing, you extended your final hour into seven heartbreaking days in which to prepare us for your passing
But from the gloom of your imminent departure, your beautiful soul blessed us with a day that eased our pain and gave great hope that you would stay
Alas, God needed you to grace the sky of eternal life; it was not meant to be
Our pain and sorrow came on the seventh day; that awful Sunday morning
Held for many hours by loving hands, when you could no longer perch, we softly reiterated our love to you and told you that it was alright to leave for want of spiritual blessings for your peaceful transition
It was nine hours and twenty minutes on that Sunday morning when you flapped your beautiful wings and flew over the Rainbow Bridge, taking our unconditional love with you for eternity
You departed peacefully, and for this we are blessed
Our tears, devastation and heartbreak of losing you are beyond measure, but we know that you are safe and happy on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, where your eternal spirit bathes in everlasting love and happiness.
We are comforted to know that in a nanosecond of your world, we will all be together again.

God bless you sweetheart

We love and miss you so very much

Your beloved Zahrah, Julie, John, and NLPR feathered flock