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Once I had a wonderful bird
I loved him like no other
To me he was my "Special Boy"
And me, I was just his "Mother".

He loved with his all
He gave me his all,
He was mine, both body and will,
I loved him then, I love him now
And forever I always will.

We had to part, he needed more
Than life with me could give,
So I set him free, as I thought then,
A wonderful new life to live.

I sent him away with so much hope
And most of my heart went too
But I made a mistake, I let him go
Without properly thinking it through.

And now he is gone, no more 'my boy'
All I have left is grief not joy.
What would I give to turn around time
And get back that wonderful bird who was mine.

He was mine, he belonged to me
I would give all I have once more to see,
Those glorious colours, green, red, blue and gold
That warm dusty body, once more to hold.

But life has a way of unexpectedly turning,
And however much sadness, loss and yearning,
What is done cannot be mended
And something so rare has finally ended.

But he was my special love,
In my heart is a space
Which no one in future will ever replace.
There will be others, this I know
But he was my "Special Bird"
And I loved him so.

Pam Andrews