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Congratulations to our lucky winner Cheryl Rutherford
of the Xmas 2012 Sweepstake Draw!

Each of our three adudicators: Suzanne Neamtan. Amanda George, Alison Mccants selected one number each from the allocated draw tickets. These were 11 / 15 / 22. Cheryl Rutherford held all three ticket numbers. 

The draw closed on December 22nd, 2012, at midnight. The sum of £90.00 accumulated in the Xmas 2012 Sweepstake pot. Fifty per cent of winnings was split between our Xmas 2012 Sweepstake winner and the remaining fifty per cent went to NLPR.          
Cheryl Rutherford received £45.00  
NLPR                         received £45.00    

Cheryl Rutherford has kindly declined her winnings requesting that NLPR keep it in their fund pot! Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation, Cheryl

We thank all those lovely participants for supporting this effort!     

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